Funny Blog Friday @Hellis’ Blog

fbf1So it seems that I am the subject of another interview over at H.E. Ellis’ blog this Friday, October 31st for a blog hop called Funny Blog Friday. Like I don’t have enough to do. Doesn’t this woman know it’s Halloween?!? The one day a year the souls of the dead are allowed to walk the Earth? That means I’ve got to open the gates to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory and undo an entire lifetime of work thanks to the Archangel Board violating their contract with the God Damn Reapers Union. I know it’s only for one night, but have you ever tried forcing a disembodied soul back to Hell? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

There are other bloggers participating as well (hence the “hop”) who will be giving out various prizes along with their funny blogs. Here are a few confirmed Bloggers:

Alanna of White Girls Be Like…

Jamie of Fits of Wit

Jessie of Jessie Reyna

Alice of Alice at Wonderland

Ben of Ben’s Bitter Blog

Jenn of Properly Ridiculous

RWI eBook CoverSo what does this mean for you? You get a chance to win a paperback copy of my book, REAPERS WITH ISSUES, signed by all four contributing authors. All you need to do is be the first one to guess who or what it is I am ranting about. Those of you who guess wrong will be immediately dispatched by a team of Reapers standing by.

Hold on….What’s that? I can’t reap them?