Check Us Out

by Tom Elias

I have to say this site is really cool.  I also have to give all the credit to H.E. Ellis.  I was attempting to make myself something for dinner the other night and was stupid enough to be away from my email / phone / thing on my computer for perhaps an hour or so.  Big Mistake.

By the time I got back, I had no fewer than nine emails wanting to get my thoughts on a piece of artwork or an idea.  Mainly I had requests for snippets of text.  All of these were from H.E.  I did my best to answer them all, and then a day later, one email with an imperative “Go here.”

Thanks, H.E., for this site.  The mysteries of this kind of thing are beyond me as you should know, and I for one am impressed.  I hope retyping this from email wasn’t a pain.  By the way, I have no idea what you mean about being a ‘digital immigrant.’  Should I be insulted?

The ugly secret here is that she is scrambling to finish writing Book One.  You will all enjoy it, trust me.

And to answer my last email question: No, H.E., I will not send you naked pictures of myself.  At least not until you’re done writing.

— Tom