Authors’ Boneyard

H.E. Ellis

Full-time writer with Chevy Impala obsession seeks readership with an appreciation for the fine art of mocking. Interests include candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, and Abe Vigoda. Must love New England.


Mikhail Vlakfeld

Mikhail Vlakfeld has some loose association with H.E. Ellis, and speculation will be ongoing until court-imposed gag orders are lifted in his New Hampshire home state. New to writing, Mike has leveraged his genetic material to help launch Reapers With Fangs. Aside from his painfully narcissistic love of his hair, Mike credits this work as his proudest accomplishment.

S. Quinn Shaw

S. Quinn Shaw wishes to remain synonymous. 

Tom Elias

Tom Elias, a management-type hailing from Maine, hopes that he is never confused with other noted authors from his state. Another brand-new author who discovered late that he could remember how to spell, Tom credits his writing accomplishments to an unhealthy work ethic and his new enslavement by obsession association with H.E.

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